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22nd June


Planner for WB 22nd June

Thank you so much for all you have done with remote learning since the 23rd March. This week there is no formal learning. If you feel there is something you need to revise, please do and if we can help in anyway with this revision please get in touch.


Here are a few ideas that you may like to use…

1)Write compliments for someone you know and give them to them.

2) Make a den at home and have a picnic inside.

3) Use junk to make a model of Carrick Primary School.

4) Make a chart of all the minibeasts you can find in the garden.

5) Create a boat out any craft materials and check if it floats.

6) Make a daisy chain.

7) Complete as many acts of random kindness as you can. See the ideas below:

a. Tidy your bedroom and make your bed.

b. Tell someone a joke to make them laugh.

c. Show your best smile all day.

d. Tell your family why you love them.

e. Take care of a pet when it’s not your job.

f. Phone a relative or friend to say hello to cheer them up.

g. Offer to wash the dishes.

h. Make a thank you card for the postman.


Don’t forget Reports and belongings are available to collect at school on Wednesday 24th June from 10:45 – 11:30.

Unfortunately, only adults can collect reports etc.

No children may attend.

Please let us know if you are unable to attend.