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23rd March 2020

Please find enclosed a few ideas for home learning for this week. We suggest two per day but this is very flexible.

We strongly feel that it would be best to keep routines going at home as much as possible eg morning routine, mealtimes and bedtimes as this will be reassuring to children and help settle them during this difficult time.

Activities for you and your child to do together.

  • Make a picnic with your child to eat indoors or better still outside (weather reports are good so get out and enjoy while keeping safe and observing current guidelines.) Let your child butter the bread, choose and put in fillings etc )

KEY LANGUAGE AND CONCEPTS   talk about shape of sandwich, name the ingredients, describe colours and taste. Talk about the order we do things (sequencing) eg first we butter, second we fill, third we cut.

  • Water activity Fill sink with water and bubbles add some dishes and a cloth and have fun while washing the dishes.                 KEY LANGUAGE AND CONCEPTS   talk about dirty and clean, wet and dry,
  • Physical Movement  Tune in with and take part in Joe Wick’s simple workout on the internet or the five minute challenges on Youtube.      (PHYSICAL SKILLS )
  • Drawing   Encourage your child to draw a picture of anything they want and then encourage them to talk about it. You can also send in a photograph as I know children are keen to show their work.  (CREATIVE SKILLS)
  • Outdoor Play  In nursery we value outdoor play and the children love it too. So go outside take a paintbrush and pot of water and ‘paint’ pictures on house walls, on the ground etc.


  • Conversation Time  Find a nice comfy place and sit with your child and have a chat. Let your child choose what to talk about. Encourage them to listen and then respond. (ATTENTION AND LISTENING SKILLS as well as CONVERSATIONAL SKILLS.)
  • Play ‘I spy’ with your child. Concentrate on colours  - eg I spy with my little eye something red/blue/green etc                       KEY LANGUAGE AND CONCEPTS   colours
  • Craft activity  Make a pasta snake, pasta necklace, pasta crown together. Use string or wool to thread through pasta shapes or cheerios.  (FINE MOTOR SKILLS)
  • Play 10 pin bowling  Set up cardboard tubes or empty plastic bottles at the end of the hall. Use either a ball or rolled up pairs of socks to knock them down. Add written numbers on the tubes if you want to extend this and then your child will begin to learn the written numbers as they play.                            (HAND EYE COORDINATION)
  • Singing/Rhyme Time  Spend time enjoying singing Nursery rhymes and going through the rhymes on our rhyme sheet which we have posted ion dojo.    (MUSIC AND DRAMA)

Every night we  would really encourage you to read a bedtime story during your child’s bedtime routine. This week try to include a couple of stories about farm animals  this would be our topic in school at the minute). Library NI is offering a free story books online link for you to download and read and enjoy