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June 8th 2020

World Around Us Challenge
8th June 2020


A windsock helps us to know what direction the wind is blowing in.

Ever wondered how to make windsocks quickly, easily and cheaply? Well, this windsock craft is so easy to do you’ll be ready to take it outside to play with in just minutes!


Watch this link first



You will need

o    A clean and dry plastic milk jug, toilet roll holder or paper plate
o    Some coloured paper, tissue or ribbons
o    Scissors
o    Stapler




1) First cut the bottom off the milk jug.  If you have a cardboard tube you don’t need to.  You could also use a paper plate or something else you can think of.
2)  Then measure out and cut off lots of lengths of tissue, coloured paper or ribbon. You can make these as long or short as you like. 
3) Finally just staple them on all the way around the edge. Hey presto your hand-held kite/windsock craft is finished! How easy was that?


Now post some pictures of what you have made!!!