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May 25th 2020

World Around Us/Art Challenge

Week Beginning - 26th May 2020





This week we are going to make a rainy day picture.


Things you need:

A Paper plate

Some coloured paper




  1. Divide your paper plate in ½ . 
  2. Decorate it.
  3. Add on the handle of the umbrella – You can use part of the paper plate or some paper.
  4. Draw some raindrops and colour them in.
  5. Attach them with string to the paper plate.
  6. Next attach some string to the top of your paper plate.
  7. Hang your mobile umbrella up.



Remember!! - You don’t have to make a mobile.  You can create an umbrella picture and change the design whatever way you want to.

Remember to post some pictures of your umbrella picture once you have finished.