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New Arrangements for Morning Drop Off


Dear Parent/Guardian,

Thank you for all your support. The weather hasn’t made it easy to stick with one thing unfortunately and we hope this is our last and final change. With over 500 children arriving in school, it has been difficult to finalise any decisions until now.

From tomorrow, whether it is wet or dry, we hope to begin staggering arrival times. We have done this to ensure social distancing between parents and we would ask you to still be mindful of this. This will keep the bubbles intact and also ensure the cloakroom space is not overcrowded.


They are as follows: 


P4 & P5 & P7           8:35 – 8:45am     

(P4 North Wing door, P5 & P7 KS2 playground and staff will direct to the appropriate door if children forget)          


P3 & P6                     8:45 – 8:55am

(P3 North Wing door, P6 KS2 playground and staff will direct to the appropriate door if children forget)            


P2                   8:55 – 9:05am

(P2 North wing door – Parents are welcome to bring them to the bottom of the steps and a staff member will take them from there)


If you have children in two groups, please come at the end of one group and the beginning of the next. Eg P5 & P3 please come at 8:45am.


Please allow P5, P6 & P7 to walk up the path on their own as this will limit the number of adults on the school grounds. There will be members of staff on duty to supervise on the path and within the school building.


If there are any issues with these times, please let the teacher know and they will pass this on to us. However, we are asking that you try your best to make this work for the safety of everyone. Once again we are asking that no parents come into Sloan Avenue. We have asked this several times and before there is an accident, it is essential that you take this advice.


School gates are closed to traffic with the exception of staff and EA transport.


Afternoon Pick-Up

This is the same as we detailed yesterday on Dojo:
If you could arrange to meet your P5 - P7 child outside of school, eg St John's car park or walk home, we would really appreciate it. Please make sure your child knows where to meet you as teachers will allow the children to walk on as they did last year.
P2, P3 & P4 will be met on the gravel pitch as usual.


Please refer to the photo of where you can stand and wait for your child.


Thank you for all your patience and support.


A Lindsay & J Gorman