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Treasure Trails - Draw your own Superhero

Draw your very own Superhero!

Recent developments have shown that heroes come in all shapes and sizes!


‘Heroes’ used to be one of the most over-used words in the English language, especially when applied to more-than-adequately-recompensed sports ‘stars’ who happen to have won a few matches…


However, we have all come to put a different value on our ‘heroes’ as we realise the important ones, the true heroes, can be found much closer to home.


For this edition’s competition we want to recognise the incredible and selfless efforts that have been made by ‘ordinary’ people in recent times. We would like you to pick the person who sums up what a hero is to you and turn them into a Superhero!


Your hero could be a relative who has perhaps been working on the NHS frontline. It could be your gran’s next-door neighbour who has been getting her shopping for her whilst she’s self-isolating. It could be the person who has been keeping your village shop open at personal risk to themselves, or the postman or postwoman who has been bringing letters from distant friends and relatives.


These are just suggestions – you will doubtless have more of your own!

When you’ve picked your perfect hero, it’s time to get your Picasso on! Draw them as a Superhero. Give your hero a name and a superpower. Then take a photo of your drawing and send it in to us using the entry form on the Treasure Trails website HERE. Describe who the drawing is of, why they are a hero to you and what their superpower is. Also, include the hashtag #ReleaseYourInnerPicasso.


From all entries received, a winner will be chosen and the artist responsible will win a Treasure Trails gift voucher!

We will also publish the winning entry on this page.


Closing date for entry is midday, Friday 5th June 2020.

Best of luck!