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Choir resources June 2020

Dear Choir of 2019/20,


I hope you’re all doing well.  Mrs McMurray and myself would like your help.  We would love to record a song as a surprise for the rest of the school.  The song is called ‘We are one’.

I have uploaded the lyrics, the music with singing and also the backing track below.


Please note:  Verse 1 chorus A, Verse 2 chorus B, Verse 3 chorus A (x3) (no duet)

What we need from you…….

  • You will need to have a practice over this.
  • When you’re ready to record- please ask someone to record you singing using video.
  • Please record in landscape setting.
  • You will need to use headphones attached to the music so that we don’t hear the music but you can!
  • Once you’re happy, and it does not need to be perfect, please send directly to by Monday 8th June or before.


Looking forward to hearing your beautiful voices.

Many thanks & take care,

J McMurray & J Henry