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November/December 2019


Welcome to our next newsletter.



Our topics for November are “All About Me”, “Fruit and

Vegetables” and “Autumn”.

Our topic for December is “Christmas”.


We have displayed details of all our topics up on our “Topic Board” in our Nursery Entrance Hall – this will include information on the activities that your child will be having the opportunity to take part in at Nursery, the learning opportunities and also suggestions for how you can help your child at home.  You will also receive copies of our Key Language sheets for topics and these will be sent home for you to look at and discuss with your child. They will also be displayed on our board.



We are continuing our “Autumn Colours” – red, brown, yellow, orange and also “shiny things” in December.


All About Me booklets

We will be sending home an “All About Me” book for your child soon. Please fill in the appropriate pages at home and return to us. We will be displaying them in our Quiet Rooms. The children will really enjoy looking at them and talking about their photographs to both adults and peers.  These books are very helpful to the children in Nursery especially if they are feeling anxious or tearful.




Our settling in interviews are currently taking place. We hope you find them useful and an opportunity to talk to your child’s teacher about their progress settling in to Nursery.


Feel free to ring after 2pm any day to discuss your child’s progress or to let us know of any significant home events that may be impacting on your child at school. (Please do not try to talk at length to Nursery staff during our daily Meet and Greet sessions – there is only time for brief messages to be passed on at this time-either ring after 2pm or arrange an interview with us)


We will be sending home a questionnaire for you to fill in after our interviews. Please take time to complete and return.


Trip to Peter Pan

We will be going to “Peter Pan”in Portadown on 29th November. This will be our first trip out of Nursery. We will be leaving Nursery at 9.30am sharp and will travel on a EA approved bus to Peter Pan. We will return for dinner at 12.30pm. Details to follow.


Nursery and Primary One Open Evening

Please remember that YOU HAVE TO REAPPLY for a place in Primary One. Primary one application forms are now to be completed online. All information will be given on an EA leaflet in due course- online applications only this year. Primary 1 portal opens 7th January for applications and closes noon on 30th January.

We are having a whole school Open Evening on 3rd December from 5pm to 6.30pm. This will be a brilliant opportunity for you to meet our Primary 1 staff, have a look around our Classrooms and our Club mobile. All welcome.


Breakfast with Santa

We are going to have a new Christmas event this year-Breakfast with Santa. This will be held in the Nursery on the morning of Friday 13th December.

We will be inviting parents to join us for this event. Details released very soon!!



We are very excited to let you know that “Santa” has asked us to send him as many dummies as we can for babies around the world!! He has sent us a special case to collect the dummies in. If your child still sucks a dummy or dummies please encourage them to bring them in. Dummies at this stage (Age 3 and 4) can really affect children’s speech and development of speech sounds which can then take years to develop appropriately. Please send dummies in. Your child may be distressed very briefly but think about their teeth and speech!!


Santa also has asked us to encourage you to think carefully before sending him your child’s Christmas pressie wish list. Screens have a purpose and they can be educational but, when used too much and too often, they can have significant impact a child’s listening skills, behaviour, social skills, physical skills etc. Children of Nursery age really benefit from bed time stories, playing outdoors, painting, drawing on paper with crayons, playing with playdough etc and above all spending quality time with siblings and parents.  


Eco Work

We want to encourage our children to be aware of recycling. We have a green recycling bin in each classroom which we are teaching the children to put paper, cardboard into and also a brown food bin at our Snack area for the children to put banana skins etc into. Members of our School Eco Committee come regularly to empty these bins and to decide if we have earned a sticker on our Eco chart displayed on our Nursery Eco Board in our Entrance Hall

Please remember-

We are a NUT FREE Nursery at all times.


Dogs are not allowed on School grounds

Smoking is not allowed on School grounds



Dates for Diary

 -29th November-Nursery Trip to Peter Pan in Portadown

- 3rd December – Carrick Primary and Nursery Unit Open Evening 5pm to 6.30pm.  All parents welcome.

- 13th December – Breakfast with Santa

- 17th December – Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Party

- 20th December – Non-uniform. Children to be collected between 11.30am and 12.


-We re-open on Tuesday 7th January 2019.


 Thanks once again for your support over the first few months. We wish you and your family a lovely Christmas.











Here are some of our songs.



Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,

How I wonder what you are.

Up above the world so high,

Like a diamond in the sky.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,

How I wonder what you are.



Fruit & Vegetable songs


    Chop, chop choppity chop

Cut off the bottom

And cut off the top

What there is left

We will put in the pot

Chop, chop choppity chop


     One potato, two potato

Three potato, four

Five potato, six potato

     Seven potato more


All about me songs


                        Here we go round the mulberry bush

                         Mulberry bush, Mulberry bush

                         Here we go round the mulberry bush

                         On a cold and frosty morning.


                         This is the way we

          -   wash our face

          -   brush our hair

          -   clap our hands

          -   clean our teeth

          -   eat our lunch etc




      Head shoulders knees and toes

 Head shoulders knees and toes

 And eyes and ears and mouth and nose

           Head shoulders knees and toes.


           Tommy Thumb, Tommy Thumb

            Where are you?

            Here I Am, Hear I am           

How do you do?

            Peter Pointer

  • Toby Tall
  • Ruby Ring
  • Baby Small
  • Fingers al




Welcome to our first Newsletter of the year.  You will be receiving one every two months.  Our Nursery newsletters provide you with lots of information about the Nursery e.g. our Nursery curriculum, trips, visitors to Nursery, topics, colours, rhymes and songs, advice on how to help your child at home and lots more.


Settling In

Starting Nursery is a very exciting time for both you and your child.

Our Settling In timetable allows each child to become familiar with our environment and the adults in the Nursery.  They are initially in small groups which gives them the opportunity to explore our activities and become familiar with our rules and routines before they join the bigger group.

It is very helpful at this time for you to:

-Talk positively with your child about their new Nursery e.g. discuss the toys they will be playing with, having snack, playing outside every day, meeting other boys and girls, names of adults, listening to story in Quiet Room before dinner etc

-Encourage your child to be as independent as possible at home especially putting on/taking off coat and shoes and tending to themselves at the toilet.

-Bring your child into the Nursery classroom every morning and briefly talk about which Area of Play they would like to choose first.

-Be honest and let them know that you are leaving but reassure them that you will be coming back shortly to pick them up.

-Do not put pressure on your child to make friends quickly - initially they are just becoming familiar with the whole Nursery experience and exploring all the Areas of Play.

-Speak regularly to Nursery staff about how your child is settling in and discuss possible strategies if they are still becoming distressed leaving you in mornings e.g. bringing familiar toy from home, keeping small photograph of you in pocket etc.

-Be aware that your child will probably initially be exhausted after Nursery and that their sleep pattern may change.

-Enjoy your first school experience together.


Please feel free to ring the school at any time during these early days if you are concerned about your child or simply require reassurance that everything is alright (tel: 028 3832 2458).



Photographs of our Nursery staff are displayed in our Entrance Hall including Mrs Brown (Nursery Coordinator), Mrs Elliott (Teacher), Mrs Murray (Nursery Assistant), Mrs Black (Nursery Assistant), Mrs Cullen (Newcomer Assistant), and Mrs Capper (Special Needs’ Assistant).



During the months of September/October we will be concentrating on settling in the new children and teaching them our routines – Snack, Art & Toilet.   These routines are the basis of our Open plan Nursery day and it is essential that all children become familiar with them and can carry them out independently before moving on to longer hours.



We will be introducing topics regularly throughout the year. During September and October we will be introducing Topics on “Settling in”, “Myself” and then “Autumn”.

More details of our Topics will be on our Information Board in our Entrance Hall and also advice on “How to Help Your Child at Home” will be displayed.  Encourage your child to look at the topic displays and talk about them to extend their vocabulary but please ensure that all items on our displays are returned to their original place before moving on.


Nursery Photographs

Nursery children will be able to get individual photographs taken on 24th October by Opus. Nursery children with brothers and /or sisters in our school can also get their photograph taken together.



  Rules are a vital part of our Nursery as they provide structure and consistency for children. We quickly introduce our Nursery rules to our new children as well as  continually reinforcing and rewarding positive behaviour with stickers, Good News Notes and  praise from all adults.

Nursery Rules-

  • We listen
  • We share
  • We help to tidy up
  • We are kind
  • We tell the truth



We will soon be introducing our first colour – ‘RED’ and during Oct/Nov we will be introducing the other Autumn colours brown, orange and yellow.  We will be doing lots of activities reinforcing these colours and setting up Autumn displays.  If you have any chestnuts, acorns or red leaves please bring them in. No berries please.



We collect all money on Mondays only.  Money will only be accepted if it is in an envelope with your child’s name on it.  Envelopes can be purchased from Nursery Staff at a cost of £2.00.  

Dinner Money is £2.50 per day (£12.50 per week) and can be paid by cheque or cash weekly or monthly. Cheques should be made payable to EA).

Toy/Snack Money is £3 every week.  This money is used first of all to buy food for our healthy snack and then to buy resources for the Nursery.  We will let you know of any big purchases made during the year and are extremely appreciative of your support.  Snack money can be paid either weekly or now monthly.



Car Parking

The Entrance to our school at opening & closing times is very busy and raises the chance of an accident.  Please try to park on Sloan Street and avoid bringing cars into Sloan AvenueParking is not allowed in school grounds or in the staff car park at any time.


Community Notice Board

We have a Community Notice Board in our Entrance Hall which provides information on local events for parents.  If you have anything you would like to display please speak to Nursery Staff.


Parent Interviews

We are very keen to discuss your child’s progress with you during the year and also for you to have the opportunity to talk to us about your child so we will be having three interviews during the year.  Our first interviews will be held in November.   Details of interview times will be put up on Information Board in Entrance Hall nearer the time.



Outdoor Play is a vital part of our Nursery Curriculum and we offer it every day weather permitting.  Please make sure your child wears suitable footwear for running, climbing etc and that it is clearly labelled with their name.


Please also ensure that you bring in a complete change of clothes for your child to be left in a bag on their peg with every item of clothing labelled.(Clothes for changing do not have to be school uniform)


Please encourage your child to be as independent as possible at home and to try to put on their own coat and shoes if possible.


We provide Carrick Nursery coats for outdoor play and welly boots for the children to wear in our outdoor sand house.  All clothing must be clearly labelled.


Breakfast / After School Clubs

Breakfast and After School Clubs are available for all Carrick children.  Breakfast club is available from 8 am and Afternoon Clubs are available from 1.30 pm for children when staying full time. Nursery children attending Breakfast Club are brought down to their class by a Classroom Assistant at 8.55am.  If your child is attending Club they must bring a school bag and leave it on their peg for Art work, letters for parents etc.  Please note that medicine must NEVER be sent in a child’s school bag to Nursery or Clubs.


Picking up / Collecting children

Children are welcome to come between 8.55 am and 9.10 am.  We complete our register at this time and unfortunately children who arrive after 9.10 am will be given a Late mark unless you have informed Nursery Staff beforehand.  If your child is sick please either ring our School Office (028 3832 2458) or provide a written note for your child’s teacher when they return.

When your child is full time they should be picked up punctually between 1.15pm and 1.30pm. Feel free to look at books with your child if you are waiting in the hall. You may also look at the displays in the hall and discuss them with your child.  Please ensure that displays are left neat and tidy for other children to benefit from.

«Please don’t let children climb on our coat area or run about as space is very limited.«

The security lock on our outside door will be kept on at all times for the children’s safety. Please push the button ONCE ONLY and be patient – a member of staff will open it when they can. Please do not allow your child or siblings to press any of our door buzzers at any time.



We appreciate that some children have a special toy/teddy that they like to bring to Nursery when they first start and indeed they can be a vital link between home and school.  Please inform your child’s teacher if this is the case but if not please do not allow your child to bring toys to school, even in a school bag as they can cause problems for both staff and children.


Healthy Eating

We operate a Healthy Eating Policy in our Nursery Unit – and offer a healthy snack including fruit each day for the children.  There is no need for you to send any sweets / drinks or food for your child to Nursery. 


Nursery Monitor

Our monitor in our Entrance Hall is on every day and provides you with information on staff, children’s birthdays, photographs of school trips and lots more.


Suggestion Box

We are constantly evaluating our practice and are very keen to take on board any ideas/suggestions you as a parent have concerning our Nursery.  Feel free to write suggestions on the paper provided in our Porch and pop it into our Suggestion Box.  We will then bring the ideas to our Nursery Team Meeting and discuss appropriate action to be taken if required.


School Closures/Events

Holidays and closures for the year are set and are available online along with other information including our Uniform policy and photographs of Nursery children.

23rd October- Fundraising event

24th October-Nursery Photographs

25th October- School finishes for Half Term.

There will also be a Nursery trip during this term. Details to follow.


You are always welcome to come into the Nursery when you pick your child up to look at the displays and see their work.  The children love showing their paintings etc to parents and explaining how they produced them.  Please appreciate that every child’s work is at different stages.


We are really looking forward to having your child in our Nursery for their Pre school year and hope that this Newsletter has provided you with lots of information about our school.  Next Nursery Newsletter will be distributed at the beginning of November.







Here is a list of the rhymes we will be doing in class.  You can help your child by saying them together at home.


  1. The Autumn leaves are falling down,

falling down, falling down.

   The Autumn leaves are falling down

           falling down.


2.       Five little leaves so bright and gay

              Were dancing about on a tree one day.

          The wind came blowing through the town,

                   Who o o o o o

          And one little leaf came tumbling down.


          Four little leaves etc



  1. Here is a tree with leaves so green,

Here are the apples that hang between,

When the wind blows the apples will fall.

Here is the basket to gather them all.




  1. Row, row, row your boat

Gently down the stream.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Life is but a dream.


     Row, row, row your boat,

Gently down the stream.

If you see a crocodile

Don’t forget to scream.


  1. A sailor went to sea, sea, sea,

To see what he could see, see, see,

But all that he could see, see, see,

Was the bottom of the deep blue sea, sea, sea.