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Primary 4

Welcome to Primary 4!


Welcome to P4 with teachers Mrs Gorman, Miss Irvine & Mrs Leech.

As promised, we are attaching plans so that you can work with your P4 child at home while schools are unfortunately closed. 

Included in these activities are Spellings, Mental Maths, Maths and Literacy. We will also be setting a weekly challenge that relates to our World Around Us topic and posting links to PE activities.

We have tried to begin with tasks which don’t require worksheets. This means that at times you may have to create sums or examples yourself. If you need more help with this, please just ask.  We will be available on ClassDojo each week day from 9 – 11am.

There are also websites you can access included in these plans. These are generally games and should be enjoyed by the children after written tasks are completed to reinforce the concepts.

Reading is central to all learning. You may choose simply to encourage your child to read the books you have at home or if you wish you can register for online books. We have already suggested joining “libraries ni” and the Oxford Owl website is also available. You will receive an individual message with you child’s colour band later today as well as instructions on how to access these books.

Spellings and tables should continue as usual. We will upload each of the current Spelling Booklets just in case any have been misled.

Please continue to use the Doodle Apps to practice each day. If you have any difficulty with these, please let us know.

It may be easiest to have a routine to your day. Children normally are most eager to complete tasks first thing and will need a short break between tasks. In total the activities we’ve provided shouldn’t take more than an hour and a half.

We fully understand that while we are providing the activities, this will not replace the teaching children would have received in school. Please just do what you can, to the best that you can. That will be enough in these days.

Most importantly look after yourselves and keep yourself safe.

We miss seeing you all each day so please keep in touch.

Many thanks,

Miss Irvine, Mrs Leech and Mrs Gorman

      Weekly Planners for home learning.

Our WAU Weekly Challenge...




A Message for the Children...

Hello everyone, 
We miss you but we're so glad that you are safe at home.

We have sent you all of the activities we hope you will be able to complete this week. Sometimes you may have to think of examples for yourself. Persevere! 

You are so respectful to us in school. Be careful to show the same respect to the adults who are helping you to learn at home. Remember the adults in your house are in charge!  

Because you are not in school you may get all this work completed quite quickly so be kind, just as you are in school, and think of how you can help. 
Could you help your family around the house? Who could you send a compliment to? Remember buckets still need filled!   

We hope you enjoy the activities we have planned. We would love to hear from you and even see some of your work if that is possible.

Stay safe and keep persevering!


Work we cover in Primary Four.