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April 2022

April 2022


Well done to these pupils who have reached their Accelerated Reader Targets.


We are so proud of you.


Remember everyone to keep reading and quizzing.


Mrs Bird - Mark and Ethan.

P4I - Lauryn and Youssef.

P5M/K - Jessica, Henry, Michael and Raisa.

P5M/F - Jacob, Katie, Max, Maja and Blake.

P6F - Shannon.

P6B - Aimee, Emma, Henriettt, Maja and Viktoria.

P7K - Leona, Jake and Jonas.

P7McK - Freddie and Filip.

Well Done to all of these children who have reached their targets in Accelerated Reader.


We are so proud of you.


Mrs Bird - Jackson.

P4I - Joshua, Cillian, Katelyn and Youssef.

P4G/M - Eliza.

P5M/F - Rose, Harley L, Max, Harley M, Conan and Wiktor.

P5M/K - Caitlin.

P6F - Bailey, Dearbhla and Jude.

P6B - Oliver, Kathryn, Igor, Alanas, Bartosz, Arijele, Mason, Marika, Calvin, Amelia, Kezia, Raphael and Maja.

P7McK - Mason and Kornelia.

P7K - Matas, Reuben, Michael, Leona, Mia, Brooke, Jonas, Nathan and Jacob.