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October 2022

October 2022


Well done to our Accelerated Reader winners this month.



Dearbhla - P7K

Jack - P4I


Oliver, Rimas, Taja and Valentina - P5M/F


Shannon, Amelia, Benjamin and Jude - P7K

Accelerated Reader Winners

October 2022


Mrs Bird's class - Ben


P5M/F - Lauryn, Dorka, Heidi, Sophia, Cillian and Cooper.


P5M/K - Rosie


P6F - Jessica and Paddy.



October 2022


These children have reached their Accelerated Reader Targets.
Well Done.
We are so proud of you.

Eitvidas, Vilte, Ethan - P5M/K
Ellsie, Emily, Taja, Katelyn - P5M/F
Hassan, Henry, Ethan, Amelia, Riley - P6F
Charlie H, James L, Chloe, Amelia - P7K
Ben, Erin and Taylor - Mrs Bird

Well done everyone.

October 2022


Accelerated Reader Prize Winners


Mark - Mrs Bird

P4I - Nada

P5M/F - Rimas, Kai and Lauryn.

P5M/K - Bailey and Eliza.

P6B - Ali and Max.

P6F - Simas, Mason and Caitlin.

P7K - Amelia.

P7McK - Emma and Tristan.


October 2022


Well done to all of these children who have reached their Accelerated Reader targets.
We are very proud of you.

Sophie - P4M
Finn - P4I
Rimas, Szymon,Valentina,Heidi, Cillian and Mary - P5M/F
Ellsa and John - P5M/K
Thomas, Cohen, Paddy, Raisa and Dimo - P6F
Sarah and Lucy - P7K

Amelia and Filiip G - P7McK