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Word Millionaires

Word Millionaires
Half a Million Words

Well done to these children who have read over 1 million words, nearly a million words and nearly half a million words.

A fantastic achievement.

Well Done


Emma McCormick P5 McM - 2,024,207 words

James Wilson P7McC - 747,814 words
Patryk Jedrol P7McC - 624,520 words
Ruby Gorman - P6McK - 619,410 words

Ben McShane - P7McC - 418,746 words
Mollie McCrum - P7McC - 413,795 words

June 2021

Word Millionaires

Well done to Emma McCormick P5McM who has read 3,418,380 words in Accelerated Reader this year.

Congratulations also to James Wilson P7McC who has read 1,358,540 words.

This is an amazing acheivement.

Well done!!

We are so proud of you.

These children received certificates and prizes for the total number of words they have read for Accelerated Reader.

Well done to you all.
You have worked so hard.
We are so proud of you.

Patryk Jedrol - 985,808 words
Ruby Gorman - 906,887 words
Abbie Massey - 767,411 words
Ben McShane - 748,428 words
Rebecca Walker - 725,590 words
Lucy Wilson - 650,311 words
Evan Dynes - 599,203 words
Ella Louise Glendinning - 585,891 words
Mollie McCrum - 572,971 words
Justin McDonald - 526,667 words