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AR Target Winners Term 3 2022-2023

May 2023


Well done to these children who have reached their Accelerated Reader Targets so far this term.

Remember everyone to keep reading and quizzing.


Jack - P4I

Natalia - P4M

Eliza and Sarah - P5M/K

Max and Harley M - P6B

Thomas - P6F

Chloe and Amelia - P7K

Amelia and Emma - P7M


June 2023


Well done to these children who reached their Accelerated Reader Targets.

We are very proud of you.


P5M/F - Ellsie

P5M/K - John

P6B - Conan, Harely M, Max and Noah

P6F - Safiya, Simas, Jessica, Henry, Riley and Ema

P7M - Amelia, Alanas and Lilly