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AR Target Winners September and October

Children who have reached their target between September and December 2020

September 2020

Emma McCormick - P5M

Patryk Jedrol - P7M

James Wilson - P7M

Max McShane - P4I

October 2020

Arijele - P5 McM

Max - P4I


Well Done!

These children have reached their target in Accelerated Reader.
Well Done to you all.

Remember everyone.  Keep reading and quizzing.


Maja Slaba - P5McM
Filip Gronostaj - P5McM


Csnad Bonus - P6McK
Ruby Gorman - P6McK


Nathan Law - P6F


Mollie McCrum - P7M
Connor McCann - P7M
Riona McKinstry - P7M
Lewis Canavan - P7M

Well Done to all of these children who have reached their AR Target.



Ellie Corey - Mrs Bird's class.

Harley Magee - P4I

Tristan Topping - P5McM

Lucy Wilson - P5M/K

Darcie Beattie - P6F

Julia Labijak - P6F

Well Done to all these children who have reached their AR target.

Ellie Corey - Mrs Bird
Tristan Topping - P5McM
Lucy Wilson - P5M/K
Lena Jezuit, Julia Labijak, Darcie Beattie - P6F
Zuzanna Gabala, Lena Calik, Justin McDonald - P6M
Ben McShane - P7M

Well done everyone.
Keep reading and quizzing.

Congratulations to all these children on reaching their AR target.


Ethan McGeown -P7 M
Rachel Rutherford - P7K
Ella Louise Glendinning - P6M
Lucy Wilson - P5M/K

AR Target Winners


Klaudia Jedrol